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Wireless Remote Chute Opener

Now operate your Michel's Side Roll Tarp System, Hopper Augers and your Chute with one remote!


Wireless Remote Chute Opener




Being the " EZ Opener 200" is mounted above the bottom of your chute, it will not interfere with the use of swing augers and is protected from rocks flying off tractor tires.  The weatherproof enclosure is made from "LEXAN EXL", a polycarbonate that offers superior impact and low temperature ductility .The "EZ Opener 200" can be mounted on either the driver side or passenger side of the trailer.  Because of the remote signal strength it can be opened or closed from the top of your bin or your air-seeder.

Chute opener hands on

If necessary, conversion to manual crank is simple and easy.  All that is required is to remove pin 1, turn pin 2 and re-insert pin1, then use your existing trailer chute crank. Your chute limits are programmed into  the remote control.  Programming is never lost and once programmed it should never need to be changed.

Our NEW "200 Series" Integrated Wireless Remote with an easy to read digital screen  with CHUTE POSITION FEEDBACK  which is a standard feature on all "EZ Opener 200's". One  remote will operate  your Michel's 200 Series - Chute Openers, Electric tarp systems (Select or Maximizer) Hopper Augers.  These  products are featured as quick select buttons on the face of the remote. Now an "Auxiliary" button is included to operate your lights and swing auger


"USER FRIENDLY"                          "CHUTE POSITION FEEDBACK!"