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Storage Door Solution!



  • Large economic door that seals out inclement weather
  • Will work on buildings such as Air Craft Hangers
  • Maximum length is 50 feet
  • Maximum height is 12 feet                                            
  • Generates a storage solution with an inside depth of 8 feet with the standard ISO containers
  • Great for storing long pieces of lumber or steel tubing/pipe.
  • Easy access to your stored chemical totes and oil barrels.
  • Gear reduction allows for easy crank operation.
ELECTRIC OPTION  is available.  This option includes
       weatherproof switches  and a solar panel for charging the battery
  • A  flange is used to secure the roll tube, enabling increased tension to keep the door fabric tight.
  • A  top header, the length of the container, is supplied to act as a roof support.  It can either be a bolt on style or weld on style.
  • These Roll Up Door Systems come complete with removable posts for stabilizing the container when re-locating.Once the container is placed in the desired location these posts can be removed.  Containment pans are also available.


Available Colours