Michels The Truck Tarp Specialists

The Tarp Specialists

Fully adjustable automatic tarping system

Designed with the end user in mind!  For 15-40 cubic yard containers





Gear and Rack

A fully adjustable automatic tarping system with a  precision-cut/built gear and rack ensuring a smooth, synchronous arm movement .  Eliminates gear slippage and pivot arm twisting.  Increased longevity/decreased downtime.                                                      

Flanged & Bolted Gear Pin

A flanged gear pin is bolted to the pivot housing.  This prevents pin loss and enhances pivot arm security and smooth rotation.

Bolt-Less Tarp Attachment

A high-quality roller bar design allows for a fast and secure tarp attachment.  Durable bearings contribute to longer service life.  Three attachment options include, spline, square nut, and threaded slot

Self-Contained Remote

The "SWAT" is now available with a self-contained remote control, making it the only steel-arm pivot tarp system in the industry with a remote control option.  The remote allows drivers to take safer positions with better visibility during tarp operation.  Additionally, the self-contained design isolates the tarp's hydraulics, protecting the tarp system from debris or other possible contamination from the truck's hydraulics



8' x 28' Mighty Mesh   Fits All Tarp

-Rectangular 8' x 28' construction
- Replacement tarp fits all brands of hydraulic roll off systems
- Made of "Mighty Mesh" -  strongest tarp mesh available
- Tapered pocket end for ease of installation and enhanced appearance



9'8" x 28'  Mighty Mesh Flap Tarp

- Made of "Mighty Mesh"  - strongest tarp mesh available
- Side flaps on tarp extend lateral coverage
- Pre-installed bungee cord retracts flaps for smooth roll up.



Hard Pipe Cylinders
- The hard-pipe cylinders with nitride coated rods, reduce chances of hose damage
Mighty Mesh
- The strongest truck tarp material on the market
LiteALL (optional)
- Durable light with dicast aluminum housing
Floodlight Mounting Brackets
- Gantry light mounting brackets and wiring protection tube are pre-installed
Tower Mount Plates
- Wider tower mount plates fit more hoist configurations, cutting down on installation time.


- SWAT*   replacement parts are completely compatible with competitor rack and pinion system parts
- Powder-coated parts provide premium finish and protection.
3/16" steel arms, gussets and brackets engineered with exceptional durability to withstand demands of the industry
- Low-profile arms avoid damage from wide containers and compactors
- Quick-release tarp tube and standard tarp spline make tarp replacement a quick and easy 1-person job.