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PT - Crank
The spring loaded crank folds out of the way for transport.  This crank is made up of a sprocket style gear that creates a "Positive Drive" Crank System.  This crank system allows the tarp to be tightened and held in position.

PT - Crank2

PT- lock bracket inside mount
The rear lock brackets can be mounted on the
inside wall of the trailer or on the rear of the trailer
PT- Lock bracket rear
PT- Rear rope tie down The tarp fabric is manufactured with reinforced pockets for the roll tube and rear cross member.  Webbing is added to the sides and center to add strength.  Grommets are installed on each side of the tarp fabric for extra tie down if required.  The rear tie-down rope attaches to the rear cross member using a special rope holder riveted to the rear cross member.  The roll tube brackets allow the tarp to be mounted out the front of the trailer, keeping your trailer free from obstruction
The tarp fabric is available in MESH or 20 oz. VINYL

Standard features include:

  • Reinforced 20 Oz. PVC  fabric
  • Reinforced Mesh Fabric
  • Grommets
  • Rear lock brackets

Fill-er-Up "n" Cov-er-Up



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