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SideKick 2™

The "Original" SideKick parts catalogue is included



The "Original" SideKick parts catalogue is included in the parts button.


The specially designed aluminum locking flange makes sure that the tarp is secured properly.
The tarp system allows dumping from either side of the side dump trailer.
By using lightweight Super Mesh (black only) the total unit weight of the tarp system is approximately;y 240 pounds.  The aluminum roll tube is the strongest on the market and because of this and the arm on both the front and the rear, the system will give years of trouble free operation.
The SideKick is designed to enable setting of the collars so the tarp fabric can be raised above the load , rather than dragged across it, applying equal tension to both the front and the rear of the tarp system to keep the swing arms synchronized during operation
The drive box increases torque by 60%, eliminating pressure from the motor shaft and increasing clearance between the tub and chassis.  This electric feature is standard on all units and operated using either a rocker switch or
A waterproof (Over the Hood) model is available using an aluminum U channel .  This model is available for units up to 23 feet in length.  The tarp fabric extends past the inner edge of the front and rear of the hood creating a seal from moisture.







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