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For the Occasional Hauler  

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Tension is applied to the front and rear of the "Travel" tarp using beveled pulleys to keep the tarp rolling evenly.
Tension is applied to the Enviro / Loading  tarp with a rope and spring inserted inside the roll tube on the opposite end of the crank.
A fiberglass rod is sewn into the middle of the travel tarp to support the fabric.

The loading tarp incorporates the use of loading holes for dust containment. Depending on the length of trailer, the number of loading holes can vary.

The Envio/ Loading Tarp assembly is lifted over the "travel" tarp and is locked under an aluminum locking flange.

Enviro tarp fits like a Select side roll tarp system. During Highway use the loading tarp remains in the open position and is secured in place using a crank and lock assembly.

When the Enviro/ Loading tarp is in the open position and the "travel tarp" is in the closed position, the two roll tubes are locked in place using two individual crank assemblies.

Conversion kits on existing Michel's tarp systems are also available.



- 20 oz.. PVC fabric

- Reinforced edges on front, rear and sides

- 16 colors to chose from


- Reinforcements over the cross members on "Travel Tarp"

- 2 Fiberglass rods inserted in the Enviro/ Loading tarp fabric for added support

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        Getting tarp system ready for loading Getting tarp system ready for travel


Available Colours