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Spud Cover

Allows total boom access to potato bed




The end-caps are manufactured from 14 gauge steel which is then primed and painted.  The design prevents the potatoes from sitting on the top ledge of the bed wall and are 21 inches in height enabling load coverage

Spud Cover tension control

Extension Springs along with beveled pulleys on both ends of the roll tube apply constant and uniform pressure to keep the tarp system rolling evenly.  A specially designed locking flange is used to lock the roll tube in the closed position
Spud Cover Free bed The sidewall structure acts like an extension to the truck body assisting the end-caps in providing room for the heaped load without the use of cross members.  This allows the harvest boom to be lowered into the bed to minimize drop height of the potatoes
A 12 volt electric motor, supported on a pivot arm is used to rotate the roll tube to open and close the tarp assembly.  This ELECTRIC Option can be operated using a rocker Switch or a WIRELESS REMOTE
The tarp fabric is a 20 oz. PVC available in 16 colors.  Reinforcements on the front, rear and sides is standard on all units as well as heat welded seams.


  • Insulated tarp fabric with a value of R-2
  • Hinging rear end-cap to allow conveyor access
  • Manual/Crank style
  • Spring loaded cross members

Available Colours