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Load Loc

Extra wide fabric to accommodate heaped loads.

The "Load-Loc" has extra wide tarp material to ensure the tarp material can be locked closed when load is heaped over the hoops/ cross members but once the load is settled the tarp fabric must be tightened to prevent blow off.
The "Load-Loc" combines a non-stretch rope and a spring as its tension control unit which is enclosed in the roll-tube protecting it from the harsh elements. This tension control unit is installed on the opposite end of the crank.
A center stiffener rod, sewn into the tarp fabric is standard and is used for fabric support between the cross-members. It does not cause obstruction when filling truck or trailer.
The end caps/ hoods are made from .081 Aluminum. On farm models the rear hood/ end-cap is designed to allow full operation of the tailgate leaving the end-cap in place. This rear hood can also be removed to allow loading of water tanks, bails etc.
Crank is easily locked into a specially designed lock bracket to hold the tarp system in the open and closed position.
A splined universal joint, used for quick and easy tension adjustment, together with a specially designed aluminum locking flange and crank assembly, is used to lock the roll tube into closed position.
All Tarp Material edges are reinforced with heat sealed seams.

Bolt on tarp stops (right) are a standard feature on all "Load-Loc" tarp systems. Optional flip release tarp stops are available in 3" or 6" offset to accommodate silage boxes. These flip release tarp stops allow clearance of the box or trailer top rails.



- 20 oz.. PVC fabric

- Reinforced fabric on front, rear and sides to increase fabric life



- Available in 18 different tarp material colors

- 3" or 6" offset Flip Release. Tarp Stops

- Higher Hoods/ End caps and Hoops/ Cross members

- Reinforcements over the Hoops/ Cross members

- 22 ounce PVC fabric


Available Colours