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For the everyday Enviro Hauler

For the Everyday Enviro Hauler   

"Working towards a cleaner environment"

The "Enviro II" incorporates two "Load-Loc" returns (rope attached to a spring inside each roll tube) to act as tension control on the opposite end of the crank assemblies.
The Enviro/ Loading tarp is mounted underneath the "travel tarp" allowing it to fit like a regular side rolling tarp system. The Enviro/ loading tarp entertains 18" loading holes that aid in dust containment. The number of loading holes depends on trailer length.
The crank assemblies can be either installed on the front or rear of the trailer depending on customers preference.
Both tarps are locked into place for travel using two crank assemblies and aluminum locking flange.
The "Travel" tarp has one fiberglass rod sewn into the tarp fabric for support and the Enviro/ Loading tarp has two off-centered fiberglass rods sewn into the fabric for support.


"Conversion kits" on existing Michel's tarp systems are also available. Conversion kits will keep the fiberglass center rod in the travel tarp and will also come with 2 straps which are attached to brackets on the front and rear hood/ end-cap to aid in supporting the Enviro/ Loading tarp.




- 20oz. PVC fabric

- Reinforced edges on front, rear and sides

- 18 colors to choose from



- Reinforcements over the cross members on "Travel Tarp"


Available Colours