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Electric Combine Hopper Cover

Protect your produce during harvest!

The front roll tube assembly works together with the electric drive to provide tension for opening and closing the tarp system. The dome shaped hoods enable the grain tank to be filled to max. capacity and protects the see from blowing out of the hopper.
Two interlocking hoods, molded from a high density plastic, are designed for easy removal, by using specially designed hood clamps. No drilling required. Specially molded track on the hoods seal moisture out.
The hoods are equipped with two handgrips for easy handling. All components can be removed in minutes.
The tarp fabric is manufactured from 20oz. PVC. The Cross members are sewn into the tarp fabric for added support and roll out of the way when tarp is opened.
A 12V DC motor is a standard feature on all combine hopper covers. The motor and roll tube assembly is easy to remove. A rocker switch is mounted outside the cab for easy access.
Hoods have extended corners to shield rain from entering the hopper corners. Majority of metal components are manufactured from aluminum to reduce weight.
The tarp components can be stored inside the grain tank. Hoods can be easily removed down to extension height within 10 minutes. NO tools required.

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